Privacy Policy


    At Run or Stay/The S Partners, your privacy is a top priority. We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you provide us with your information and we do not take this lightly.

    We work hard to keep your information secure. 1. Data controller

    is extremely concerned about the protection of your personal data and respect for your privacy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you on the way we process the personal data you share with us and that we collect when you use the Application and Services. Please read this document carefully to better understand how we process your personal data, and to know your rights.

    This Privacy Policy applies to all Services published by Run or Stay/The S Partners that you use (with the exception of services supplied and operated by third parties, in which case, their privacy policy will apply).


    Run or Stay/The S Partners collects and processes personal data on you when you use the Run Or Stay application or when you communicate with Run or Stay. It may be information you share with us directly, or data we collect automatically.

    To make sure our privacy policy is clear, we are providing below an overview of the personal data Run or Stay collects and processes. Information is given below for each type of data collected.

    Mandatory data

    • Identification data
    • Depending on how you signed up, email address and/or telephone number
    • Data relating to your activity on the application
    • Technical data of the cell phone or device
    • Your city and state, and possible geolocation information

    Data required for certain purposes

    • Data relating to taking part in games and competitions, to your experience and your satisfaction
    • Geographical position or at least your city and state
    • Potential general Crossing points with other Members
    • Search preferences - people whom you would like to connect or cross paths with (age and gender)
    • In-app messages and in-app voice messages sent and received
    • Data on Video Calls (the contents of such Calls are not collected)
    • Data relating to reports made and requests sent to the Run or Stay customer service

    Optional data

    • Professional career and education
    • Interests, lifestyle, Member Characteristics
    • Depending on how you signed up, email address and/or telephone number
    • Description
    • All other information you have provided

    2.1 Data you share directly

    When you use our Services, you share information with us, some of which may be used to identify you. When you communicate this information, you accept that some of the data will be visible to the other Members of the Application, and therefore made public on the Application.

    In an effort to help you identify this information easily, it may be signaled as ‘public’ below. Run or Stay cannot be held liable for data published on its platform and disclosed by a Member. However, information not marked as Public will not be visible or accessible by other Members; such information is signaled as ‘private’ below.

    Run or Stay collects and processes data relating to your registration and data relating to your interactions with Run or Stay.

    2.1.1 Registration data
    Information required for registering

    This is the basic data required for you to register and access our Services.

    This data is collected by Run or Stay using different methods depending on the type of registration you choose.

    If you choose to register using your Facebook, Apple or Google account, your data will be collected from the relevant platform in an effort to reduce formalism. By selecting “Log in with Facebook/Apple/Google,” you agree to having these platforms provide us with such data.

    Depending on how you registered, some data must be collected in order to provide our Services. If such data is not obtained, Run or Stay will not be able to provide you with its Services via the Application, and you will not be able to create an Account. In all cases, your first name (public), age (public), birthdate (public), gender, and at least one Profile Photo (public) are required to register with the Application. Subsequently, you may add or remove Profile Photos at any time, providing you have added at least one Profile Photo containing a person’s face. As stated in paragraph 1, “Definitions,” the first Profile Photo should be a photo of a person’s face, otherwise one of your photos of your face may be automatically be put in first position.

    If you register using your phone number, you must provide said phone number in order to register.

    When you register via Facebook, we must collect your first name and your age. You may also allow Facebook to provide Run or Stay with your last name, birthdate, gender, email address, and to transfer your Profile Photos from Facebook.

    When you register via Apple or Google, we must collect your first name and email address. Said platforms may also provide Run or Stay with your last name.

    In addition, if you are not using the geolocation feature when registering, and thereby the possibility for Run or Stay to collect your location data to suggest Member profiles with whom you have crossed paths, you must provide the name of your city and state. This information will enable Run or Stay to suggest Member profiles near you.

    Optional information to complete your profile

    You may add additional information to improve your profile. This information is optional, shared at your own discretion, and is your sole responsibility. You can add this information directly to your profile on the Application and/or via Facebook Connect by syncing your Account with Facebook. This data is as follows:

    • professional career and education (public): profession or studies;
    • interests and habits (public): personal preferences, leisure activities, musical preferences, lifestyle, Member Characteristics;
    • height (public);
    • profile description (public): if you would like to, you can share additional information about you in the space provided for this purpose. This information will be visible to Run or Stay Members. Moreover, if you so wish, you can also answer the additional questions in your profile.

    You have the opportunity to describe yourself on your profile in a text area, Run or Stay does not encourage Members to share data that can be perceived as sensitive with other Members, or with Run or Stay through the Application. More specifically, it may includes information on race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliation with a union, along with information on health, sexual life or sexual preferences (“Sensitive Data”). If a Member decides to share such information on his/her profile regardless, it is deemed to have been “clearly made public” by the Member who shared it.

    2.1.2 Data relating to interactions with Run or Stay:

    When you contact our customer or support services, report an issue with our services, ask for help, exercise your personal data rights, or participate in promotional activities, games, competitions or surveys, when you share your experience of our services, give testimonies, or answer one of our questionnaires, Run or Stay will collect, depending on the case, the following personal data:

    • Data relating to reports and requests sent to the Run or Stay customer service (private): Date and time of the report, nature and reason for the report, data relating to the reported user. Furthermore, proof of identity may be requested as part of the exercise of your rights over your personal data, and for safety/confidentiality reasons.

    This data will be collected by Run or Stay when you ask for help from our customer service, exercise your rights over your personal data, report a problem or another user. Such information is required to handle reports or answer your requests. This information will also be handled if a report is made about you. In fact, Run or Stay has a legal obligation to collect reports from its Members brought to its knowledge regarding contents or behavior likely to infringe our Terms of Service.

    • Data relating to taking part in games and competitions, to your experience and satisfaction ( are both both public & private) including: participation, responses, satisfaction level, suggestions, experience.

    Such data is collected by Run or Stay when you take part in our games competitions, social media, answer our surveys and satisfaction questionnaires, share your experiences. This data is mandatory if you wish to take part in the games and competitions and social media organized by Run or Stay. Without this data, Run or Stay may not register you for games or competitions. However, data on your experiences and satisfaction is optional.

    Run or Stay will also collect information (public). Only portions of this information is made public, where other parts of this information remain private on the Run or Stay platform.

    2.2 Data we collect automatically

    When you use our services and features, we may collect information on your activities on the Application:

    • Activity data (registration date, login dates, on or offline status, interactions with Members and third-party accounts, number of transactions, notifications received, notification preferences, etc.)

    When you access our Services and use the Application and its features, information on the way you use them is collected and processed. Most of the information collected by Run or Stay is necessary to the provision of its Services. Without this data Run or Stay cannot supply the Services linked to the Run or Stay application.

    More specifically, this includes your registration date, login dates, on or offline status, the type and number of interactions with other Members, with the third-party accounts connected to your Account (such as Instagram, etc.), or the number of transactions made, notifications received and notification preferences.

    • Potential Geographical positions and Crossing points with other Members and City & State (public)

    The Application’s main value and purpose is to allow Members to find other Members near them. Your Geographical position may be collected with your express consent only. In fact, you will be asked to authorize the collection and processing of your location data (to include City & State) to allow Run or Stay to identify your crossing points with other Members who have agreed to be geolocated.

    Unless you have chosen stricter settings on your device, Run or Stay may collect your Geographical position regularly.

    When the Geographical positions of two Members are within a certain radius, Run or Stay may pinpoint a Crossing point.

    Your Crossing points may be displayed on your profile, but Members with whom you cross paths can never see your exact location. Each Member sees his/her location when the Crossing point was registered in a radius defined by Run or Stay. They cannot see the other Member’s location.

    During your registration, if you do not provide your consent for geolocation, you must provide the name of your city and state. This information will enable Run or Stay to suggest profiles of Members near you.

    These Crossing points can be displayed as a news feed or on a Map (Mapping).

    You may, at any time, withdraw your consent by disabling geolocation on your smartphone. If you choose to do so, you may not be able to see who you have crossed paths with after disabling the geolocation option. When you have no more profiles in your newsfeed, we will ask you the name of your city and state in order to suggest new Member profiles near you.

    • Messages, Text messages and voice messages sent and received (private)

    Messages are sent and stored on Run or Stay servers, to provide the Service to allow Members to have a conversation or when a Member. Messages are between the specific Members involved. Run or Stay authorized managers do not exercise any rights to these conversations unless directed based on a legal, legislative or regulatory provision. This content is not transmitted or communicated to third parties except in cases of judicial requests, and/or in compliance with the applicable legislative or regulatory provisions. Moreover, Messages are strictly private and are not accessible to other Members who are not involved in the conversation, nor to any third party.

    • Information relating to Video Calls (start and end time/date of calls, etc.) (private)

    If you wish to make a Video Call using Run or Stay, your telephone’s technical data is required in order to establish communication between the two Members. Run or Stay will collect the start and end time/date of Video Calls, but not their content. Such Video Calls are instant.

    • Search preferences - people whom you would like to cross paths with (age and gender) (private)

    The Application lets you set preferences by age, gender, and the Member Characteristics they have provided. You can change these settings in the Application and specify the age range and Member Characteristics, and, after agreeing to Run or Stay collecting and processing your data, the gender of people you are looking for, so you can be matched exclusively with profiles you crossed paths with and who meet your search criteria. You may then only see the Members you have crossed paths with and who share your search preference.

    • Technical data of the cell phone or device (IP, mobile ID, application version, telephone version and model advertisement ID, etc.) (private)

    We collect information from the devices and equipment you use to access our Services, including server logs, which may contain information such as IP addresses, version of the application, device version and model, language used, operating system, application crashes, and advertisement ID. Data may be collected with cookies or other tracking tools:

    Transaction Data: Run or Stay does not collect or process any banking data when memberships and in-app purchases are purchased through the app, unless you are purchasing from one of Run or Stay’s third party/affiliate merchandise stores. Specific to the application, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store have opted to refrain from sending certain types data to mobile applications, which includes any banking and financial information. This data is collected and processed solely by the above platforms, and Run or Stay does not have the option of changing this payment method. The only information exchanged between Run or Stay and Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store is technical data that does not allow us to identify you (for example, a transaction number), and is used to validate transactions. Run or Stay will therefore retain a history of your purchases and subscriptions but will not store any information relating to the payment methods you use.

    3.1 Supply of services and features according to our terms of service

    Creation and management of your Account as a Member:

    • Creation of your profile.
    • Registration, deregistration, deactivation of your Member profile.
    • Management of parameters and preferences.
    • Management of subscriptions.
    • Management of access to the Services proposed by Run or Stay.

    Managing and storing messages exchanged between Members

    Managing Video Calls between Members

    Managing subscriptions and paid Services purchased

    Sending information messages relating to the Services or your interactions with other Members (notifications).

    3.2 Suggesting profiles you have crossed paths or may cross paths with

    This feature may be implemented: Geolocation to suggest profiles of Members you have crossed paths or may cross paths with.

    Additional information

    The aim of the Application is to help you find other Members near you. In fact, it may allow you to identify your crossing points with other Members who have agreed to be geolocated. These crossing points allow Run or Stay to show you profiles of Members you have crossed paths or may cross paths with and who meet your search criteria.

    • Based on your activity in the Application, your position and the information on your profile, your profile may be suggested to other Members. We can also recommend, via your Shortlist, other Members who may interest you, with whom you have crossed paths, or with whom you could cross paths, and, inversely, recommend your Profile to other Members. Your profile is also suggested when you use the Get Featured feature.
    • Recommend your Profile via email to other Members with whom you have crossed paths or with whom you could cross paths.

    3.3 Suggesting relevant offers and contents (marketing and advertisements)

    Sending marketing or advertisement messages or contents:

    • Send the Run or Stay editorial newsletter by email.
    • Send a newsletter suggesting Profile recommendation
    • Distribute marketing contents and advertisements related to Run or Stay, and third parties, partners or affiliates, offers and services on the application and by emails.
    • Provide Members with offers and/or promotions on Run or Stay services.
    • Provide Members with event information

    Conducting marketing operations and advertising outside of the application: we conduct marketing operations and advertising outside of the Provide Members with application outside of third-party sites, social networks and third-party applications. If you are already a Member of the Application, we may share your email address and telephone number with such entities to exclude you from our Marketing campaigns. This information is provided for “hashing” purposes. This can also help Run or Stay disseminate its campaigns to profiles similar to yours, who may be interested in our Services.

    Display personalized advertisements on the Run or Stay Application with regard to third-party products and services to ensure they are relevant to the Member. These advertisements are personalized based on you. Your personal preferences may be analyzed in disseminating such advertising. Personalized advertising also includes the restricting of identical advertisements.Disseminating on the Run or Stay application non-personalized advertisements (based solely on your country), on the products and services of partners and advertisements relating to the products and services of Run or Stay.

    3.4 Improving and optimizing our services and our knowledge of how you use them

    Improvement and optimization of the services of Run or Stay, of the knowledge of its Members and the manner of using the Services:

    • Statistical studies.
    • Satisfaction survey.
    • Analyses of the use of the Application and Services by Members.
    • Understanding how our Application and its features are used
    • Improving our Application, offers and features
    • Understanding your needs

    Provide Members with advice on which Profile Photos to publish by analyzing all Members’ profiles, so Members can, if they wish to do so, optimize the way their profile is presented.

    3.5 Guaranteeing the security of your personal data

    Detecting or preventing breaches of the security of the Services by identifying and analyzing fraudulent behavior.

    3.6 Preventing and combating illegal or unauthorized activities (breaches of the terms of service), ensuring the trust of Members and complying with legal requirements
    • Analyzing and processing reports of fraudulent/undesirable behavior.
    • Managing undesirable behavior and warning, suspending, blocking or deleting the Member’s Account.
    • Managing requests to exercise Members’ rights over their data.
    • Acting on reports of activities which breach our Terms of Service:
      • Analysis of profile data, application activity to detect fraudulent behavior or behavior that breaches the Terms of Service.
    • Quality of profiles:
      • All members share in the responsibility of having quality profiles on the platform. Members have the ability to block and report fraudulent behavior.

    3.7 Providing Members with help and technical support

    Responding to the requests for support.


    Cookies may be used on our showcase website for technical, advertising reasons or for measuring audiences. In the Application, cookies and tracking tools may be used for technical reasons and for measuring audiences.


    Only certain Run or Stay employees from customer services and authorized managers process Members’ personal data for the purposes described above. These employees and authorized managers only have access to the data necessary to perform their duties.

    Authenticated and reliable service providers and partners, who may access and/or process Members’ personal data, in compliance with the Privacy Policy, and ensuring the security and privacy of the Members’ personal data.

    As part of marketing and advertising operations outside the Application intended for non-Members, your data may be provided to partner social networks in order to exclude you from our campaigns..

    In addition, at the request of state bodies, in particular the judicial authorities, and in order to comply with any judicial or legal request, Run or Stay may transmit the personal data of its Members.

    Lastly, we may be required to share your data for the purposes of corporate operations, which include, but are not limited to, a restructuring, a change in control of the company, a merger, an acquisition, a transfer, or a termination of the company, or with our partners, third parties we conduct business with or aff our partners or affiliates.


    Run or Stay has introduced a process for automatically deleting various content at predetermined time frames.

    Run or Stay will store the Member’s data for as long as required in order for the Member to use his/her Account, namely:

    • For the length of the Member’s registration, the members account may(depending on storage availability be stored plus one - three years of non payment and the Member has not used the Application. Furthermore, please note that in accordance with its status as a hosting provider, Run or Stay has a legal obligation to retain some of its Members’ personal data for a period of at least one year

    • When a Member is banned, his/her Account becomes inactive. Information from this Account is retained in an active database for one year, in order cross check it with information provided with new registrations to the Application, in order to prevent, to the extent possible, banned users from registering again. Subsequently, the personal data is archived for one more year, after which it is deleted permanently or irreversibly anonymized.

    • When the Member deletes his/her Account or requests its deletion from Customer Service, it will be deleted from the Application. However, the Member’s data will be kept in a separate archive for one year before being permanently destroyed or irreversibly anonymized, in order to enable Run or Stay to comply with its obligation to keep it as host.

    • Some of the Member’s data, such as email address and telephone number, will be retained for prospecting or Marketing purposes or to be analyzed in order to improve and optimize our service for one year after an Account has not made a payment and has been inactive for one year. If a Member deletes his/her Account, this data will not be used for prospecting or marketing purposes.

    As Geographical Positions and Crossing Points are optional and we are using City and State. These Geographical Position requirements, may or may not apply:

    - Your Geographical Positions are stored for one month from their collection in order to determine your Crossing Points with other Members;

    - Your Crossing Points are stored for six months from their collection in order to display the Profiles of Members you have crossed on the Application.

    Run or Stay undertakes to make every effort and to invest all means at its disposal to guarantee that the stored data is kept as secure as possible. However, it is the Member’s responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect his/her data.


    Run or Stay shall not collect data from minors, as no minors should be on our platform. Should a Member lie about his/her date of birth, and particularly if he/she fraudulently claims to be an adult, the parents of the minor in question should inform Run or Stay of this fact by sending an e-mail to commits to deleting all data on the minor in question as soon as possible.

    7.1 Premium Plans

    Run or Stay is free to join. We have in-app purchases that unlock really cool features that enhance your experience. If you decide to upgrade to the premium plan you will automatically be billed for the specified amount ($0.99 each month you are subscribed as a premium member), for the specified time period (monthly). Currently we have monthly billing that automatically bills you every month. When you want to cancel your subscription, feel free to cancel it. Just give us 30 days notice & send us an email at

    As a Premium member, you unlock really cool features. Premium members can create posts on our members-only social media platform. They can also comment on posts that are on our social media platform. Premium members also get awarded $3 in Date Dough that members can use to video chat or Get Featured (at a discounted rate). Premium members can take advantage of Full Access to the Run or Stay app.


    If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or any other request concerning your personal data, you can contact us: